Internship Program

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The Glendale City Attorney's Office provides opportunities for law students to serve as an intern. Usually, the Office retains an intern for one quarter of the law school's year.

The City Attorney's Office

The Glendale City Attorney's Office is a full service office which provides an intern with exposure to a wide variety of legal matters, issues, and challenges. The Office represents the City in civil litigation from both the plaintiff's and defendant's side. Examples of the types of litigation in which the Office represents the City include personal injury such as automobile accidents and trip and fall cases, civil rights, police cases, employment law, eminent domain, construction disputes, and workers' compensation subrogation. The litigators in the office also represent the City before the Civil Service Commission on employee disciplinary matters. The transactional work performed by the Office includes the wide variety of issues with which any large municipality is confronted. Examples of the type of transactional work in which the office is involved include land use and environmental law, zoning, planning, telecommunications, labor law, elections, redevelopment, housing, contracts, leases, public utilities, finance, taxation, municipal governance issues such as the drafting of ordinances, government ethics, traffic and transportation, property acquisition, administrative law, and public construction projects. In performing these transactional matters, the attorneys provide written or oral legal advice, conduct legal research, and draft or review legal documents. The City Attorney's Office also prosecutes individuals for violations of the Glendale Municipal Code which are either misdemeanors or infractions.

The Role and Qualifications of The Intern

The role of the intern is to assist the attorneys in any of the foregoing tasks. This would include conducting research, drafting legal documents such as a motion in a lawsuit or a contract or ordinance.

The position offers the opportunity to observe attorneys in trial or depositions, representing the City before administrative bodies, and observing attorneys in meetings. It also affords those interns who are court certified to represent the City as the prosecutor in criminal matters. Such representation is done under the guidance of an experienced attorney. The intern becomes a full member of the City Attorney's team.

To qualify, the intern must have completed the first year of law school. Internship opportunities with the City of Glendale are unpaid.

Application Process

Those who are interested need to send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, grades, and references. Once these have been received, qualified candidates will be invited for interviews.


If you are interested in the position, you may contact:

Lucy Varpetian
Sr. Assistant City Attorney
613 E. Broadway, Suite 220
Glendale, CA 91206
Telephone: (818) 548-2080
FAX: (818) 547-3402
Click here to email Lucy Varpetian