Mission Statement

The City Attorney's Office is committed to providing professional, quality legal services that ultimately protect the interests of the City of Glendale, its departments, the City Council, and the citizens of the community. We provide a full range of dedicated, in-house legal services intended to ensure the legality of legislation, contracts, and programs, as well as ethically and competently defending legal actions filed against the City and its employees.


In accordance with the City Charter, the City Attorney is appointed by the City Council to prosecute all criminal cases for violation of the Charter and City ordinances, and to attend to all suits and other matters to which the City is a party or in which the City may be legally interested. The City Attorney provides a full range of legal services to the city and is the chief legal advisor to the City Council, Redevelopment Agency, Housing Authority, City Departments, and all appointed boards and commissions. While performing his duties as the City's chief legal advisor, the City Attorney, among other things, manages all outside counsel, reviews and negotiates City and Redevelopment Agency agreements, advises on labor and employment issues, drafts and reviews legislation, litigates civil cases, and prosecutes Glendale Municipal Code violations.

As such, the City Attorney's Office does not, and cannot, provide legal advice to citizens or residents within the City of Glendale.