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We are committed to providing our customers with the tools and information to help them conserve, learn and save money. We are looking at ways of making traditional energy resources less impactful on the environment and at the same time, still providing reliable and cost-effective energy for our customers through the assistance of programs and information.

See Your Usage – Save Money!

Review your energy usage by the day, hour, or week. Take the surprise out of receiving your next bill and take control of your energy use. Using our online tool helps you track your energy usage, and compare it to that of similar sized homes near you, which will help you conserve and manage your energy use. Click here to get started. Also save more by clicking on the tips for more information on how you can conserve my making minor adjustments to the way you use energy and also tips on making improvements in your home to help save you money on your bills.

CEIVA Home View

We are currently piloting a new in home display brought to us by CEIVA Home View. This digital frame is connected to your digital meter and displays your real time energy usage information and daily water usage. By simply switching on and off appliances you can immediately see the price per hour for your energy change. These unique frames will also display your personal photos that you or your family members upload to your frame and also include two GWP and one City channel that gives you up to date information on what is happening at GWP and in Glendale.

Save Energy With Your Friends

See how your energy use stacks up against friends and homes across the U.S. Join groups and discover how you can save even more. Social oPower Website.

Home Energy Reports

Our customers receive a quarterly report that provides information to help them understand their home's energy usage and find smart ways to make their home more efficient. The Home Energy Reports program is designed to provide you with more information about your energy use with easy and helpful tips to help you so you can make informed decisions. Learn more about home Energy Reports.