Utility Modernization

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Transitioning GWP to the Utility of Tomorrow

This page will give you insights and information on how GWP is modernizing its electric grid and water system through upgrades and improvements that will strengthen our ability to meet demand, maintain reliability and efficiency, save water, and increase the amount of renewable energy. These improvements will also reduce costs for GWP, help customers lower their bills and help the environment. Each of our improvements are divided into four categories to make it easier for you to track our progress and learn about the projects and programs we are implementing to modernize our system.

Creating Strategic Partnerships to Transition GWP to the Utility of Tomorrow

View our video that covers tools the tools that are available to our customers through our utility modernization efforts.


Utility Modernization Electric

The key to meeting our growing energy demands consists of having a broad portfolio of energy sources. Diversifying our resources allows us to research, develop and deploy innovative ways to generate clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity. Learn more about our current and future project.


Renewable Energy

Utility Modernization Renewable Energy

Our diverse energy portfolio, which includes renewable energy sources as well as traditional fuel, allows us to provide reliable, safe and affordable energy to our customers. Learn more about the energy sources we use.



Utility Modernization Water

Delivering safe, reliable water is our top priority. See how we are continuously maintaining our water system to deliver you the high quality water you are accustomed to.


Online Tools & Programs

Utility Modernization Online Tools Programs

We are committed to providing our customers with the tools and information to help them conserve, learn and save money. We are looking at ways of making traditional energy resources less impactful on the environment and at the same time, still providing reliable and cost-effective energy for our customers through the assistance of programs and information. Learn more about what we offer online.