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Assembly Bill 162 (Statute of 2009) and Senate Bill 1305 (Statutes of 1997) require utilities to disclose information to consumers about the energy resources used to generate the electricity sold in the form of a Power Content Label created by the California Energy Commission. This label provides customers with reliable information about the electricity sources, enabling customers to easily compare the power content of one electric service product with that of others. The power content label is similar to a "nutrition label" for electricity.

Glendale Water & Power prides itself on maintaining a high level of renewables in its power mix, and for years we have surpassed many other utilities and the statewide average, by making smart investments in renewable energy. Glendale’s current power mix is 37% renewable. Having a diverse renewable portfolio that includes a variety of renewable types and sources is ideal, since most renewable energy is intermittent and can fluctuate. The change from last year’s portfolio is due to a variety of reasons, including a reduced snowpack in the north and northwest therefore limiting the hydroelectric opportunities from the Pacific northwest. We also saw our wind energy delivery drop by 9% due to decreasing wind patterns in the rocky mountain region. Our natural gas usage was also reduced due to the unreliability of the Grayson Power Plant and subsequent reduction in locally generated power.

We continue to look for sound investments in renewables and zero carbon energy resources to power our city. In that regard, we are well on our way in meeting all State mandates, including having 60% renewables by 2030. We will accomplish this by continuing to make investments and improvements that will push us forward.  With a repowered Grayson Power Plant creating more capacity on our transmission lines for the importing of renewable energy and the proposed Biogas Renewable Generation Project, GWP can greatly increase its renewable power mix with reliable and consistent sources including 100% renewable energy from the Biogas site at Scholl Canyon Landfill.  


 Power Content Label July 2018

 Energy Resources

 2017 Glendale
Power Mix

 2017 California
Power Mix**

 Eligible Renewable
 37%  29%
 - Biomass & waste
 15%  2%
 - Geothermal
 2%  4%
 - Eligible hydroelectric
 3%  3%
 - Solar
 <1%  10%
 - Wind
 17%  10%
 6%  4%
 Large Hydroelectric
 13%  15%
 Natural Gas
 27%  34%
 Nuclear  7%  9%
 Other  5%  <1%
 Unspecified sources of power*
 5%  9%
 TOTAL  100%  100%

 * "Unspecified sources of power" means electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.

** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on the electricity sold to California consumers during the identified year.


For specific information about this electricity product, contact the City Of Glendale at 855-550-4497. 

For general information about the Power Content Label, please visit: www.energy.ca.gov/pcl/

For additional questions, please contact the California Energy Commission at: 1-844-454-2906.