Power Content Label

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Assembly Bill 162 (Statute of 2009) and Senate Bill 1305 (Statutes of 1997) require utilities to disclose information to consumers about the energy resources used to generate the electricity sold in the form of a Power Content Label created by the California Energy Commission. This label provides customers with reliable information about the electricity sources, enabling customers to easily compare the power content of one electric service product with that of others. The power content label is similar to a "nutrition label" for electricity.

 Version: July  2019

 Energy Resources

 2018 Glendale
Power Mix

 2018 California
Power Mix**

 Eligible Renewable
36% 31%
 - Biomass & waste
11%  2%
 - Geothermal
2% 5%
 - Eligible hydroelectric
6% 2%
 - Solar
2% 11%
 - Wind
15% 11%
4% 3%
 Large Hydroelectric
9% 11%
 Natural Gas
29% 35%
 Nuclear 6%  9%
 Other 6%  <1%
 Unspecified sources of power*
10% 11%
 TOTAL 100%  100%

 * "Unspecified sources of power" means electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.

** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on the electricity generated in California and net imports as reported to the Quarterly Fuel and Energy Report database and the Power Source Disclosure program.



  • Glendale uses the lowest cost resources and renewables to provide for retail sales. The
    percentage of renewables will vary from the RPS Compliance for 2018 due to a difference in
    calculation methodologies as required. Renewable purchases also include REC-only transactions
    (without energy).
  • All percentages are rounded.

For specific information about this electricity product, contact the City Of Glendale at 855-550-4497.

For general information about the Power Content Label, please visit: www.energy.ca.gov/pcl/

For additional questions, please contact the California Energy Commission at:

Toll-free in California: 844-454-2906
Outside California: 916-653-0237