Flouride in Drinking Water

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In November of 2007, in accordance with recommendations from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California joined a majority of the nation’s public water suppliers by adding fluoride to the drinking water it delivers. Glendale receives 70% of its water supply from MWD.

Despite fluoride’s proven record, many consumers may not be familiar with its benefits or may be concerned about adding it to their drinking water. The fact is that more than 60 years of scientific research and experience have demonstrated that the practice is not only safe, but it is actually the best method of improving oral health in a community. Fluoride helps teeth resist decay by strengthening the protective layer of tooth enamel; it also helps repair areas of teeth where decay has already begun.

Drinking fluoridated water on a regular basis should make the use of fluoride tablets and drops unnecessary. GWP customers using or considering the use of fluoride supplements should discuss this issue with their health care providers.

According to the CDPH and the CDC, the best results of drinking water fluoridation can be expected when the concentration of fluoride is between 0.70 mg/L and 1.20 mg/L. MWD’s goal is to maintain the level of fluoridation within this “optimal range.” It is important to remember, however, that fluoride levels below the optimal range are still beneficial to oral health. As fluoride levels have proven to be fairly stable throughout the system, GWP now monitors these levels on a quarterly basis. Customers can find the results of the most recent fluoride monitoring event in their area on the Fluoride Monitoring map.

Customers may contact the Water Quality group at 1-818-550-4516 for additional information on how to use this map.

Additional information regarding drinking water fluoridation can be found at the following website:mwdh2o.com