Meet Our Employees

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At GWP, our greatest resource is our employees. Glendale Water & Power is committed to providing opportunities and resources to support our employees as they grow professionally and as valuable leaders in our communities. Learn a little about what they do, and how they are part of a team that provides continuous reliable service and makes GWP your trusted community utility.


Gayle Stockton, Sr. Customer Service Utility Representative

Job Duties: I work in the Customer Services Administration section assisting in the daily operations. My duties include training new employees, preparing procedures, assisting in documentation for rate changes and new programs, along with customer care and contact. 

Years at GWP: 14

Favorite part of the job: The versatility and widespread duties.

Favorite Part of Glendale: My little house, right in the middle of town; walking distance to everywhere!

Hobbies: Writing poetry and songs, adopting dogs and staying active in the community.

Something interesting about me: I am currently the GCEA President.



Ron Geer - Electrical Line Mechanic Supervisor II

Job Duties: Maintenance and distribution of electrical power Glendale

Years at GWP: 15

Favorite part of the job: Is the challenge of our trade and my brothers that I work with.

My favorite part of Glendale: The surrounding mountains.

Hobbies: Camping with friends and family, I love going off-roading and boating.



Hector T. Pina, Sr. Water Facilities Operator

Job Duties: Operate potable and reclaim pump stations, wells and treatment plants throughout the system. Maintain adequate water levels and pressure in the tanks and reservoirs, collect water samples, analyze and record the readings.

Years at GWP: 8

Favorite part of the job: the daily operating challenges each day brings, no two days are alike.

My favorite part of Glendale: the wide selection of restaurants

Hobbies: playing and coaching baseball.

Something interesting about me: sports fanatic, ESPN favorite TV channel to watch.


Dorian Alcantar's Picture

Dorian Alcantar, Civil Engineering Assistant

Job Duties: Job Duties: Project Management, Reporting, Design of Water Facilities Improvement Projects

Years at GWP: 1 year 3 months

Favorite part of the job: Going out in the field with the operations team to discuss options and see the work we prepared being done.

Favorite part of Glendale: The Americana

Hobbies: Working out at the gym, and swimming

Something interesting about me: I was named after the Dorian Gray novel, I am the oldest of all my siblings, it took me 5 years to graduate, and I love capital markets.