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Program Description

Youth with a proven work ethic and previous work experience are placed in career exploration jobs. The wages for the participants in this program is paid by the businesses that hire them.


Participants interested in a position with the GREAT Program must:

  • Be between the ages of 18-24
  • Have proven work experience
  • Have a valid California Driver's License

Business Incentives for Hiring Through the GREAT Program

  • Prescreened young adults ages 18-24, with full background check and drug tests completed
  • Provide worker's compensation insurance
  • Provide training & case management
  • Bill bi-monthly for youth wages
  • If the employee is not the right fit, employer is not obligated to hire the youth

Youth Application Deadline

Please contact GYA program staff for employment opportunities and application deadlines.

How to apply

Interested candidates must participate in the Glendale Youth Employment Partnership (GYEP Program) first. Once they have gained sufficient experience only then are they qualified to enroll in the GREAT Program. Once enrolled, participants will be placed in career exploration jobs within the City of Glendale as well as other community businesses.

Governing Staff

For more information please contact:

Angela Andikyan

Youth Services Supervisor

(818) 937-8056


Frequently asked questions

Can I work in an office setting while part of this program?
Yes. You can be placed within various offices at the City as well as other private businesses.