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Trails and Open Space Program

Since 2010, the City of Glendale’s Trails and Open Space program has been funded by the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation.  The current Trails and Open Space program consists of five elements:  the Restoration Program, Interpretive Program, Trail Maintenance Crew, Trail Safety Patrol,  and the GO! (Glendale Outdoors!) Program.

Restoration Program

The Restoration Program was the first program to be implemented and had its origins after the Station Fire which burned more than 700 acres in Deukmejian Wilderness Park.  Over one hundred Big Cone Spruce and Coast Live Oaks have been planted since 2010 in the lower reaches of the park.  The Department established the “Third Saturday Wilderness Workday” - held every third Saturday of the month – and invited members of the community to plant trees, water trees, and remove invasive species from the park.  The response was tremendous.  This program has become enormously popular with church groups, community organizations, Boy and Girl Scouts, and students from Clark Magnet and Crescenta Valley High Schools.

A similar workday program was added to the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk, usually on the second Saturday of every month.

Restoration_1   Restoration_2

Interpretive Programs

Each year, we reach out to local experts in the community who have a desire to conduct programs or lead hikes. In 2019, for example, local residents conducted outstanding programs on the medicinal use of native plants, birdwatching, Monarch butterflies, our local mountain lions, birds of prey and a herpetology hike. 


Trail Maintenance Crew

Our Trail Maintenance Crew is a hearty band of local residents, several of whom have been building trails in Deukmejian Park for years.  After the Station Fire and the rains that followed, the trails in Deukmejian were virtually destroyed and many sections were in dangerous condition.  This group has diligently restored all of the Rim of the Valley and Crescenta View Trails, realigning dangerous trail areas, widening the trails in some spots, and making them safe and enjoyable for all users.  The new “Vineyard Trail” leads hikers across Dunsmore Creek and up the east side of the canyon to the area where the Le Mesnager family had their vineyards during the early 20th century.


Trail Safety Patrol

The Trail Safety Patrol was launched in February 2013 with sixteen community volunteers operating in Hike and Mountain Bike units.  The purpose of the TSP is to assist

Community Services & Parks staff and other City professionals in protecting and maintaining the safety of park and open space visitors and resources; to educate park and open space visitors about resources, programs, and regulations; and to observe and report damage, unsafe conditions, and police, fire or medical emergencies.  The program is a collaboration with the Glendale Police and Fire Departments.

 Trail Safety Patrol

Glendale Outdoors! (GO!) Program

Earlier this year, Trails and Open Space offered the first Glendale Outdoors! (GO!) Program, a nature education program for children between the ages of eight and twelve.  Working with our community centers at Pacific and Maple Parks, the program takes kids from those neighborhoods to a Glendale park for a morning of outdoor games, nature crafts, interpretive hikes, and environmental education.  Once again, this program is fully funded by the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation.  


The Department and the Foundation are actively seeking volunteers to help out with the Restoration Program, Interpretive Program, Trail Maintenance Crew and Trail Safety Patrol.  For further information call (818) 548-3795.