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Post Date:05/07/2019 1:33 PM

Atineh Haroutunian
Glendale Water & Power
(818) 548-3381

May 7, 2019

 Celebrate Moms, Dads & Grads with Secure Metallic Balloons

GLENDALE, California – Glendale Water & Power (GWP) is reminding customers that metallic or Mylar balloons and power lines do not mix. Power outages caused by Mylar balloons coming into contact with power lines are on a record pace. This last weekend Glendale residents experienced two power outages related to Mylar balloons. A total of 3,055 customers were out of power for about 44 minutes. Two other reports of Mylar balloons in power lines were reported and crews cleared them before any additional power outages resulted.  

The months of May and June are when most outages related to metallic balloons occur due to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation celebrations. GWP urges customers to make sure balloons are always tied to a weight, as required by California Law, and to never release them outdoors. “Outages caused by these metallic balloons are frustrating for our customers and can also cause a lot of damage to our system. It takes time to safely remove balloons from the power lines, restore power, and repair any damage they may have caused,” stated Steve Zurn, General Manager of Glendale Water & Power.

The safest metallic balloon is a secured one. Only properly-weighted balloons should be sold to customers, and buyers should never remove the balloon weights. Releasing metallic balloons is a risk to public safety. Serious injuries and property damage can occur when the balloon contact is severe enough to bring down power lines. To prevent outages and injuries, GWP recommends the safety tips below for handling metallic balloons:

  • Do not attempt to retrieve a balloon or any object tangled in power lines. Instead call (818) 548-2011 to report the problem.
  • Never tie a metallic balloon to a person’s wrist. If the balloon contacts electricity, it can travel through the balloon and into the person, causing serious injury or death.
  • Never attach streamers to any latex or metallic balloon.
  • When done with balloons, puncture them several times or cut the knot and throw them in the garbage to prevent them from floating away.
  • If you see a downed power line, stay away and call 911 immediately.

Visit for Mylar balloon information and safety tips. See what happens when Mylar balloons come into contact with power lines:


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