Unclaimed Checks

Post Date:04/25/2018

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Unclaimed Checks

Glendale, CA - Unclaimed checks are payments issued by the City, which are not cashed within six (6) months after the date of issue. The Finance Department of the City of Glendale holds these payments until they are claimed by the recipients of the funds. The City may, pursuant to State of California Government Code Sections 50050-50056, publish a public notice listing these unclaimed amounts, which are three (3) or more years past their issue date, and thereafter, transfer such funds to its General Fund. This year’s list of checks includes those issued by Accounts Payable and Payroll. The 282 unclaimed checks total $69,274.96. For more information on unclaimed checks, please see links below.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, the Finance Director of the City of Glendale, County of Los Angeles, State of California, declares that the following monetary sums have been held by the Finance Director and have remained unclaimed in the funds hereafter indicated for a period of over three (3) years and will become the property of the City of Glendale on the 12th day of June 2018 a date not less than forty-five (45) days nor more than sixty (60) days after first publication of this Notice.

Any party of interest may, prior to the date designated herein above, file a claim with the City’s Finance Department, which includes the claimant’s name, address, amount of claim, the grounds on which the claim is founded.  The Unclaimed Check Form can be obtained from the City’s Finance Department at 141 N Glendale Ave, RM 346, Glendale, CA  91206 or from the City’s website.

View Unclaimed Checks
Claim Form for Unclaimed Checks

For questions, please call the City of Glendale Finance Department, Accounts Payable Section at 818-548-3907.


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