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Glendale Fire Department Vegetation Management Program

Post Date:04/06/2018

Media Contact:

Battalion Chief Thomas Marchant

780 Flower Street Glendale, California 91201

Contact: Anita Shandi
Office: (818) 550-5613

Glendale Fire Department Vegetation Management Program

In Southern California, the combination of terrain, dense vegetation, and extreme fire weather places communities at risk for catastrophic damage when wildfires occur in and around homes.  Several sections of Glendale are at increased risk for these catastrophic fires where homes and buildings extend into the natural, undeveloped hillsides and canyons.  Fortunately, the risk to homes and buildings can be substantially reduced if the surrounding vegetation is maintained to minimize the intensity and spread of wildfire. The areas of increased risk for catastrophic fire in the City are designated as ‘High Fire Hazard Areas’, and every year, Fire Department staff inspect all of the properties in these areas to ensure that the nearby vegetation does not present a fire hazard.

The Glendale Fire Department is introducing a new tool that will improve the ability of Fire Department personnel to inspect properties and notify property owners when hazardous conditions exist. This new tool is centered on a cloud-based software suite that automates the entire vegetation management inspection program with tools that allow Fire Department personnel to plan, schedule, and provide notice of vegetation management inspections from a mobile device in the field.

The Fire Department is implementing a new Vegetation Management Program fee for all property owners in the High Fire Hazard Area (click here for a map of this area). This new $15.00 fee is collected annually to offset some of the cost of administration and inspections for the Vegetation Management Program. To learn more about the City’s vegetation management program, click here.


Glendale, known as the “Jewel City,” is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County. With a population of over 200,000, Glendale is a thriving cosmopolitan city that is rich in history, culturally diverse, and offers limitless opportunities. It is the home to a vibrant business community, with major companies in healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, and banking.

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