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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

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Post Date:04/13/2017 6:18 PM

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

April 13, 2017 

Glendale, CA –The Glendale Fire Department is taking the week of April 9-15, 2017 to celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  This is an annual countrywide tradition in which telecommunications professionals are recognized for their commitment to their profession and the support they provide in emergencies to citizens and public safety personnel on incidents.

The Verdugo Fire Communications Center (VFCC) was established on August 1, 1979, when the founding cities Fire Chiefs of Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena were faced with a number of concerns regarding limited local resources, mutual aid delays, unfamiliarity with neighboring cities’ geography, nonstandard fire-fighting tactics and a lack of common radio frequencies.

The VFCC is now a state-of-the-art center,  which not only services the City of Glendale Fire Department with their dispatching needs, but also 13 additional agencies including Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. Verdugo Fire dispatched almost 82,000 fire and medical incidents for the 14 agencies it served in 2016.

In 2016, the VFCC received about 157,000 in total phone calls. Of the 138,242 incoming calls, 99% were answered within 15 seconds, which exceeds the NFPA-1221 standard of answering 95% of all calls within 15 seconds.  The dispatchers are committed to getting assistance to those in need immediately and know the importance that each minute can make in an emergency. Since 2012, the Center has observed an increase in emergency call volume of 67%.

This year the Center implemented PulsePoint, an iPhone or Android app that allows for receiving of information about emergency incidents on a personal phone. Don Wise, the Executive Administrator of the VFCC is excited about the capabilities of this app, “Most importantly, the app will notify the user of someone having a sudden cardiac arrest event if nearby in order to get early CPR and/or Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) started, potentially saving more lives!”

The Glendale Fire Department would like to recognize and give our appreciation to the men and women of the Verdugo Fire Communications Center and our valued partners of the Glendale Police Department Communications Bureau for their dedication to their profession.


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