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City of Glendale Passes Resolution against LGBT Discrimination

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Post Date:03/29/2017 8:32 AM

Media Contact: 

Thomas R. Lorenz, Director of Communications & Community Relations
818-548-4844 (office) 
818-535-1958 (cell)

City of Glendale Passes Resolution against LGBT Discrimination

The Glendale City Council approved a powerful statement at their March 28th City Council Meeting with the passage of a resolution condemning LGBT discrimination. California is often seen as one of the most progressive states when it comes to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, but not all states afford their citizens those same rights. Based on feedback from community and the City Council, staff presented a resolution condemning LGBT discrimination within Glendale.

Since 1976, same-sex sexual activity has been legal in California; however, those same rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual people have been slow to be shared by the LGBT community. 2013 saw the passage of a US Supreme Court ruling which allowed for same-sex marriage in California. Also in 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation which allows transgender people to change their names and gender designations without a court order. These laws and many others have been important milestones on the path towards true equality for all.

The City of Glendale’s resolution voices its support for nondiscrimination policies that would stop LGBT discrimination in the City of Glendale, and urges cities and states around the countries to do the same. Recognizing that Glendale remains a premier place to do business and live, the resolution rejects the notion that a person should be judged for housing or work based on an intrinsic part of themselves rather than their qualifications. All people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, should be treated fairly and equally by the laws of the state.

The resolution takes effect immediately and sends a strong signal of Glendale’s support for LGBT rights and against discrimination.

For a full copy of the resolution, click here

If you are part of the LGBT community here in Glendale and need assistance, see the numbers below:

  • GLBT National Hotline – (888) 843-4564
  • Los Angeles LGBT Center – (323) 993-7400
  • Gay & Lesbian Armenian Society – (310) 203-1587


Glendale, known as the “Jewel City,” is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County. With a population of about 200,000, Glendale is a thriving cosmopolitan city that is rich in history, culturally diverse, and offers limitless opportunities. It is the home to a vibrant business community, with major companies in healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, and banking.

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