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DOWNTOWN CENTRAL LIBRARY - Author Stanley A. Goldman: Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream

The Bargain That Broke Adolf Hitler and Saved My Mother

SGCvr5x7SGoldman5x7"The son of a Holocaust survivor rehearses the horrors of his mother's captivity, the improbability of her survival, and the deleterious lingering effects on her and him. The author works hard to maintain a scholar's tone in his text, but throughout, he also shows us the blood of millions seeping through his pages. ... A welcome excavation of an obscure corner of Holocaust history." - Kirkus Reviews

Now, nearly 3/4 of a century after the end of World War II, Stanley A. Goldman, a law professor and acclaimed TV expert with over 4,000 TV and radio interviews to his credit, has uncovered the reason for Adolf Hitler's suicide.

Goldman outlines a piece of the history of the Holocaust (grim reminders of inhumanity appear on virtually every page), tell his mother's remarkable story, ruminate about the perpetrators of the atrocities, and condemn those who profited by the success of the Nazi war machine and the labor of Jewish slaves. Although Goldman focuses primarily on his mother, he occasionally employs a wide-angle lens to show us what was going on throughout war-torn Europe; he even deals some with the stories of Anne Frank, Raoul Wallenberg, and other Holocaust icons. His mother's story is astonishing; her survival, virtually impossible. As the war was winding down, she was working in the concentration camp and would almost certainly have died there if not for one mans negotiation with Heinrich Himmler, who, seeing the end of the war (and realizing what would happen to him), made a deal to release some Jewish women, Goldman's mother among them.

If there's one book you should read covering the history of the Holocaust, it is Professor Stanley A. Goldman's amazing new account of the survival and rescue of a thousand Jewish women from a Nazi death camp.

Stanley A. Goldman is a tenured professor of criminal law and evidence law at Loyola Law School here in Los Angeles. Earlier in his career, he covered The Scott Peterson, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and Timothy McVey trials as well as the Clinton Impeachment, working with CNBC, CBS, Kingworld and a decade working full time for the Fox News Channel as their on-air legal correspondent and the network sole legal editor.  He has appeared as an expert on Entertainment Tonight 25 times, O'Reilly, 40 times, Hannity, 20 times and in trades such as People 36 times. In addition, he spent a couple years as special correspondent for the New York Daily News, which published about 90 of his stories. In fact, so accomplished is Goldman, that he has been immortalized in the popular Doonesbury comic strip.

Among his many accomplishments, Goldman has become the founding Director for the Study of Law on Genocide. Today, as the son of a Auschwitz survivor and at a time when a significant rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the United States can be seen in the news, he has chosen to write a book about the subject of the Holocaust, detailing his mother's experiences. Published by Potomac Books (an imprint of University of Nebraska Press) with audio right having been purchased by Recorded Books, we are offering an interview with Goldman about a book that blends both the history and a personal story in a way that has never been done before, according to Michael Berenbaum, who is considered perhaps the country's leading Holocaust scholar and whose review appears on the back of the book.

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*Teens will be eligible to receive community service hours after the program.* Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Glendale Library

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