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Infinite Clearance - From Burning Man Art to Street Art to Public Art

A Talk by Scott Froschauer

ScottFroschauer3November2017SMJoin artist Scott Froschauer for insight into his process in conjunction with the unveiling of 20 pieces from his “The Word on The Street” series in Parks and Libraries throughout the City of Glendale. 

His work is derived from his experiences at The Burning Man Art Festival and in this talk he will explore what it means to make art for Burning Man and how he nurtured those ideas into something that could grow outside of Burning Man in the rest of the world through Street Art and, eventually, into Government Sponsored Public Art. 

Starting in November 2017, the City of Glendale, CA, will play host to twenty signs from The Word on The Street, in parks and libraries around the City. See them ALL! 

By utilizing the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative language (Stop, Do Not Enter…) with positive affirmations, “The Word on the Street” seeks to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet. By the very nature of the materials, it is also perfectly suited to long term, outdoor installations.

The goals of this work are to surprise and delight viewers by giving them a positive and reassuring message in a place where they are used to seeing negativity and control. The work is designed to be possibly invisible to viewers, even furthering the delight of those who recognize it as counter-quotidian. The work also places a thought in the mind of the viewer that additional pieces might be “hidden” anywhere in their daily lives. In this way the work aims to change how the viewer interacts with the world at large, and reinforces the notion the Art Happens Anywhere.

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Scott Froschauer is a multi-media artist and art fabricator in Los Angeles. His background consists of a structured education in Engineering, Photography, Computer Programming, Business and includes a BA in Theoretical Linguistics from Syracuse University. He also has broad practical experience in Fabrication, Design, Non-ordinary Reality, Experiential Narrative, Venture Capital, Counterfeiting and Breathing. His background in the motion picture industry as a Key Grip has given him the skills to rapidly deploy large engineering projects for television shows, feature films, commercials and music videos.

His work covers a broad range of subjects and materials from ephemeral street art and experiential narrative events to gunpowder illustration and alternative technique photography to practical sculpture and many large scale pieces for the The Burning Man Festival, including the fabrication of The Church Trap, a large scale sculpture which was featured in numerous publications.

Scott likes making things, from large scale sculptures designed to awe with their size, to small scale pieces intended to memorialize moments of connectedness and everything in between. Some of his work is an exploration in emotional connectedness some of his work is about revolution, particularly in that our culture considers being connected to oneself as a revolutionary act.

Sigil DNA is an umbrella that refers to Scott's process of creating magical talismans. Taking ingredients that are all around us and transforming them into symbols energized with intention is the genetic material of Sigil DNA.

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