Report a Problem Online

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Using the MyGlendale App

We have improved the way to contact us online. The platform below will allow the City to manage requests more efficiently and respond to questions or issues reported. There are three ways to report concerns online:

  1. Report an issue by creating an account and tracking requests below. This allows the City to maintain contact with requesters and provide updates. Requests can be submitted anonymously via Account Settings, yet City staff will still be able to provide updates.
  2. Download the MyGlendale app from the Google Play Store for Android OS or Apple Store for IOS.
  3. Submit a request anonymously (without creating an account) by clicking on the “Create Anonymously” link at the very bottom of this page. Please provide a thorough description of any issues reported in this format, as the City will not be able to contact the requester for further information, nor will the City be able to provide any updates since no contact information is provided with this option. 

PLEASE NOTE: This site is not monitored 24 hours a day. Because of the delay involved in processing e-mail, you should NOT use this contact form to report a crime, an emergency, or to request immediate police assistance. Dial 9-1-1 to report an emergency. Dial 818-548-4840 to request non-emergency police services such as parking violations, blocked driveways/alleys, and 72 hour violations. Please push "0" to get immediate assistance or stay on the line.