Bicycle Master Plan Update


The Bicycle Transportation Plan Update is approved!

The update of the Glendale Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) was approved by the Glendale City Council on August 28, 2012. This action represents the culmination of more than a year of efforts by City staff, the Bicycle Advisory Committee and our wonderful Glendale bicycle enthusiasts to identify bicycling needs in Glendale. The BTP purposely emphasizes cycling as a mode of transportation and is consistent with recently adopted state and federal laws and guidelines for bicycle planning. The following were milestones in the adoption of the Plan:
  • On February 29, 2012, staff presented the Draft BTP to the Transportation and Parking Commission (“TPC”) for review and to receive their comments.
  • On March 27, 2012, staff presented the Draft BTP to the City Council Study Session and received comments and direction on the City of Glendale Draft BTP.
  • On April 18, 2012, staff presented the Draft Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) to the Planning Commission to receive their comments on programs, projects, and policies proposed in the Draft BTP as well as the Negative Declaration prepared for the BTP. The Planning Commission reviewed and recommended approval of the Negative Declaration for Council Adoption.
Both the Transportation and Parking Commission and the Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the City Council approval of the Final Draft BTP.

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Future Efforts

GBMP_FutureEfforts The recently adopted BTP proposes a variety of measures, including the improvement of the existing bicycle facilities, construction of new bike routes linking major activity centers, the installation of secured bicycle parking equipment, and the expansion of bicycle education/advocacy programs to improve the riding environment for bicyclists. The Draft BTP includes the entire City of Glendale, with the possibility of developing bicycle facilities linking Glendale with adjacent jurisdictions.

As part of the implementation of the BTP, staff will continue working with the BAC on an advisory capacity to receive BAC input on planning, outreach, construction, education, and enforcement aspects of the BTP.

In addition, staff will be presenting a recommendation to the City Council to repeal Chapter 10.60 of the Glendale Municipal Codes that requires bicycle registration and amendments to the Section 10.64.025 of the Glendale Municipal Codes that prohibits bicycle riding on sidewalks except when sidewalks are officially designated as part of a bicycle route.

Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) Implementation

GBMP_Sharrows The BTP (Chapter 7) contains a list of projects that are grouped according to their priority category (short term, medium term, and long term). Based on available funding and City’s annual street resurfacing projects, various bikeway projects will be implemented from each priority category. Within this fiscal year, it is staff’s intent to implement all sharrows and bike lanes that can be striped citywide through a single contract as long as there are no impacts to the lane geometry of streets and on street parking and they are not on streets that will be resurfaced within this fiscal year.


Programs and Promotions

The BTP contains recommendations for programs for Education, Encouragement and Enforcement. These programs will be implemented by retaining consultants and including member of the BAC to assist in the process. Highlights of some current programs are noted below.

Citywide Bicycle Parking

GBMP_CitywideBicycleParking A Citywide Bicycle Parking Program started in August 2011, over 300 new bike racks have been installed in various streets in the City and at major bicycle destinations. Bicycle Lockers may be reserved at the Larry Zarian Transportation Center by calling (818)550-1791. Please note that the lockers are reserved on a first come first served basis and may only be used to house bicycles.


Safe Routes To School (SRTS) Program:

Public Works has embarked on an effort to improve safety for students who walk and bicycle to school. We have developed two plans for SRTS which include safety improvements for 18 schools in Glendale. The goals of the program are to reduce injuries and fatalities to school children, and to encourage increased walking and bicycling among students.

The program achieves these goals by constructing facilities that enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, primarily students in grades K-12 who walk or bicycle to school. By enhancing the safety of the pathways, trails, sidewalks, and crossings, the likelihood of attracting and encouraging other students to walk and bike increases.

GBMP_Playground As part of Caltrans and Federal SRTS Programs, staff applied for several SRTS grant and received over $3,000,000 in grant funds for safety-related improvements and educational program for schools in the Glendale Unified School District (“GUSD”).

In addition to the infrastructural improvements, to make bicycling and walking to school safer for students the City sponsor a series of citywide educational program for students and parents as part of these grants including:

  • Lead the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program for the schools funded for improvements.
  • Sponsor bike safety classes for various schools in the City
  • Work with principals and parents at other Glendale schools to expand SRTS programs across GUSD.
  • Implement significant safety improvements for arrival and drop-off procedures.
  • Engage the whole school community to support SRTS.
  • Coordinate Walk-to-school program
  • Hired KWS Consultant to work as a liaison between GUSD and the city Public Works Department for SRTS safety and educational program
  • Encourage and facilitate collaborative relationships between the City police and school district personnel.
  • Sponsor and Organize International Walk-to-School.

Over time, the City will create a Safe Routes to School plan for the remaining schools in the Glendale Unified School District (“GUSD”).

Benefits of a Bicycle Transportation Plan

GBMP_Benefits The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is the lead entity in our region to support bicycle facilities and improvements. The MTA is a funding source for local jurisdictions and has grant programs that come available. One of the requirements to qualify for a bicycle facility grant is for the local jurisdiction to have a Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) that has been approved by the City Council and updated every three years.

Additional benefits of a BTP include the enhancement of bicycle facilities that benefit commuters and recreational riders once recommendations receive funding for implementation. A BTP encompasses a variety of enhancement options. Jurisdictions must evaluate the options and match them to available resources. It can take several years for all enhancements to be implemented. In Glendale, we are already evaluating options as we implement our scheduled street improvement projects.

Bicycle Advisory Committee

One of the first steps the City took to update the Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) was to develop a Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). The BAC is comprised of City staff from various Departments including Public Works, Community Development, Community Services, Police and members of the Transportation & Parking and Planning Commissions. In addition, community stakeholders comprised of representatives from Bicycle Clubs, the Homeowner Groups, Glendale Unified School District, the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition and Glendale Community College were all invited to participate.


In addition to receiving input from the general public, the following outreach efforts were undertaken by staff:

  • Community Outreach Meetings: Four community outreach meetings have been conducted at various locations in the city to receive community input. These community meetings were essential to receive comments from stakeholders and to assure awareness of the BTP by city residents and businesses.
  • BTP Website: This BTP website was created for additional community outreach and to provide an easy way for the community to provide input and raise questions.
  • Draft Bicycle Transportation Plan: A Draft BTP was provided to the BAC in December 2011. Comments from the BAC were reviewed in writing as well as verbally in a BAC meeting in January 2012.
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