Meet the K9s - Ofc. Feeley & Jager

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JAGERK9Ofc. Feeley has been a Glendale Police Officer since September of 1993. During that time, Ofc. Feeley worked several details throughout the department. In 1997, she was selected to work in the department’s gang enforcement unit. In 1998, she moved to the department’s robbery/homicide detail, where she worked as in an investigator on robbery, terrorist threats, attempt murder, and murder cases. In 2001, she was selected to work as a member of the department’s vice/narcotics detail, where she conducted numerous undercover operations, surveillance and high-risk search warrants for known drug dealers. During her tenure as an officer, she was also a member of the department’s SWAT team. In September of 2005, Ofc. Feeley was selected for the position of K-9 handler, where she was introduced to her first K-9 partner, "Yudy". In January of 2014, Yudy retired, to live at home with her partner Ofc. Feeley.  In April of 2014, Ofc. Feeley was introduced to her new partner, K9 Jager.

K-9 Jager is a male German Shepherd, born in Germany on November 13, 2012.  He came to the United States at 16 months of age to begin his official police dog training with Ofc. Feeley. Both Jager and Ofc. Feeley attended a five week basic patrol school beginning April, 2014.  Once they graduated, they were certified to find and apprehend fleeing or hidden suspects.  Jager and Ofc. Feeley will also be attending a narcotics detection class so Jager can learn how to sniff out illegal drugs!

Jager Locates Heroin Inside a Wall 


Ofc. Maribel Feeley and her K-9 partner Jager, assisted narcotics detectives with a search warrant at an address where they believed narcotics were located.  A thorough search was conducted and they were unable to locate any signs of narcotics. Ofc. Feeley put Jager to work and he began searching the two car garage that was heavily packed with items. Jager quickly made his way to the rear of the garage. He gave a solid alert, but left the detectives baffled because he was pointing to the wall of the garage.

The detectives removed a portion of the wall and located approximately five pounds of heroin. A job well done by Jager! The narcotics detectives would have gone home empty handed if it had not been for Jager’s remarkable nose.