Meet the K9s - Ofc. Rolando & Branko

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branko_bioI have been with the Glendale Police Department since 2005. Since the K-9 program was established, I have been very active with the unit. I have accumulated over 2000 hours of training with the unit. The training hours consists of a two day 16 hour basic agitator course. The majority of my training hours are from patrol training days, followed by countless days and hours in the bite suit. This past year, I was assigned to the Special Enforcement Detail (SED) which is a highly proactive unit that monitors the city’s parolees along with other high profile projects. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife, family and friends.

Branko is a two year old Male German Shepherd from Germany. He has basic Schutzhund training, meaning that he has some formal training in protection work. Branko and I completed a 5 week patrol K-9 school in Ventura, CA where the dogs learned obedience, tracking, protection work, suspect searches in building and open areas, and article (evidence) searches. In about six months, Branko and I will go back to school to learn narcotic detection, which is a four week class. Branko will be trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and opium. In about one year, we will again go back to training for hard surface tracking, a three week course.

We graduated from our basic patrol school in February. Shortly thereafter, Branko and I had our first building search where Branko found his first bad guy.