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The Glendale Police Department had the first five canines approved in 1980 by City Council. In November 1981, the department had eight canines patrolling the streets of Glendale. Due to an unfortunate event, the K-9 unit was disbanded in 1988.

In 2005 the Glendale Police Department, under the direction of Chief Randy Adams, recognized the need for canines in a city our size. Up to then, the department would request canines from surrounding police departments, which delayed response times. In September 2005, Officers Shawn Sholtis and Maribel Feeley started canine patrol school. Officer Sholtis was introduced to his canine partner, Sam, and Officer Feeley was introduced to her canine partner, Yudy. Four weeks later, Sam and Yudy were on the streets of Glendale.

Six months later, in March of 2006, two new canines joined the ranks of the Glendale Police K-9 Unit. Officer Robert Wynkoop was introduced to his canine partner, Marlin, and Officer Aaron Hamilton to his canine partner, Quwai. After four weeks of training, Marlin and Quwai joined Sam and Yudy in protecting the streets of Glendale.

Since then, all four canines and their handlers have attended specialized training. Sam attended an explosive detection school and Yudy, Marlin, and Quwai attended a narcotics detection school. All four canines have also attended a hard surface tracking school where they learned to track suspects and missing persons on concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials that don’t hold scent as well as softer surfaces do, such as grass. Currently, all the canines and their handlers are patrolling, protecting, and serving the citizens of Glendale.