Chief of Police 

Robert M. Castro

RobertCastro_175pxChief's Message

On behalf of the dedicated women and men of the Glendale Police Department, welcome to our website. The purpose of our website is to provide information to our community to answer questions and provide insight regarding police activities and resources in order to strengthen our partnership to keep Glendale safe and maintain the family values that make this community the “Jewel City”.

The Glendale Police Department has embarked on a continuous improvement philosophy. Contemporary management and leadership practices are being implemented in order to improve employee performance and accountability, improve responsiveness to community needs and improve the quality of life for all residents through innovative policing practices and partnerships. We live in a rapidly changing world and the Glendale Police Department understands that by embracing and implementing contemporary management philosophies, modern technology systems and investing in employee development, we can provide effective and efficient public safety services to our community.

Members of the Glendale Police Department understand that only through strong community support and participation can we reduce crime and improve safety and security for residents and visitors. It is my privilege to serve as your Chief of Police and I welcome your questions, ideas or concerns to ensure we are providing the best public safety service possible.

Robert M. Castro

Mission Statement

In partnership with our community, we will ensure a safe and peaceful city in which to live, work, and visit. We are committed to providing proactive law enforcement and high quality police services to our diverse community.

Our Core Values


We will be responsive to community needs and will accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Empathy / Fairness

We will be sensitive to the feelings of others and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Honesty / Integrity

We will be forthright and truth ful; we will not compromise our moral and ethical principles.

Partnership / Teamwork

We will work together with the community in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.


We will strive to gain and maintain the confidence and support of others.  We value trust in each other and mutual trust between the police and the community.

Our professionalism and dedication will be demonstrated by the consistent application of these fundamental values toward those with whom we work and serve.