Residential and Small Business Solar Solutions Program


The Solar Solutions Incentive Program is currently closed and will re-open on August 1, 2016.

The Solar Solutions Application will be available to download on July 25, 2016. 

Please see the Application Process Guidelines for more information on how to submit your application and the application acceptance process. 

Cash Incentive to Go Solar

GWP has budgeted $1.55 million in FY 2015-2016 for Solar Solutions Incentive Program. The funds for FY 2015-2016 have been fully reserved and no funding is available at this time. The Residential and Small Business Solar Solutions Program provides up to $1.50 per watt (for FY 2015-2016) for installed systems sized 30 KWdc or less that meet program guidelines.

By law the incentive rates are required to decline at a rate of 7.0% a year. The incentive calculation will not exceed 50% of the total costs of the system. In case of over-sized systems the incentive is calculated based on customer’s 100% historical usage. Paid incentive will not exceed $100,000 per customer per fiscal year.

Application Process Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 

  • Applications for the Solar Solutions Program will be entered into a lottery drawing. Projects will not be incentivized on a first-come-first-served basis anymore. 
  • The application period will be from 8 AM PST on 08/01/16 to 4:00 PM PST on 08/15/16. Applications received before and after this time period will NOT be accepted into the lottery drawing.
  • An application can be submitted in person or via e-mail only. 
  • If submitting an application via e-mail, please submit the application well in advance of 08/15/16 4:00 PM PST, in order to avoid possible delays in e-mail delivery. Receipt date and time for e-mail submissions will be the date and time recorded by the City’s e-mail server.
  • An application must be fully complete and executed (by customer and contractor) in order to be accepted into the lottery drawing. An applicant MUST provide an e-mail address for communication purposes. Supporting documents will NOT be required at this stage.
  • Duplicate applications (for the same project) will not be accepted.
  • The applications will be logged and assigned unique numbers.
  • Applicants will be notified ONLY via e-mail of the number assigned to their application and the date/time of the lottery drawing.
  • ALL application numbers will be drawn during the lottery process and be placed on a priority order list and given a priority number. But please note that, not ALL applications will be incentivized. Having a priority number does not guarantee an incentive.
  • The results of the drawing will be posted on GWP’s website.
  • ALL applicants will be notified ONLY via e-mail of their priority number. The e-mail will also inform the applicant, whether their application is going to be considered for the incentive at that point in time. If the specific application is being considered, supporting documents will be requested. The applicant will have 7 calendar days to submit the supporting documents. An application will be denied if ALL documents are not received within the 7 calendar days.
  • Applications will be incentivized in the order selected until the available funds are fully subscribed.
  • If and when applications/projects get cancelled or denied, the next applicant on the list will be contacted and be considered for the incentive.
  • The number of incentivized applications will depend on the total number of applications received and the amount requested by each application.


Getting Started  

  1. Check out the Solar Solutions Incentive Rates page to determine the projected incentive.  
  2. Review our Guide for Installing Solar and Applying for the Incentive at the Same Time. If applying for an installed system, please review our Guide for Applying for the Solar Solutions Incentive Program (for installed systems)
  3. Make sure to select components which meet the requirements of GWP's Solar Solutions Incentive program.

For questions please contact us at or  call 818-548-2750.

This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice and is provided to qualified customers until program funds are no longer available.

What are Green Energy Credits?

Renewable Energy certificates (REC's) also know as green certificates, green tags, or tradable renewable certificates, represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from renewable energy projects. If you choose to keep the Green Energy Certificate, your incentive will be less. If you choose the higher incentive, GWP may keep the Renewable Energy Credits and associated renewable attributes generated by the PV system for reporting purposes.