Glendale Fiber Optic Solutions Project

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Program Overview

Glendale Fiber Optic Solutions provides both large and small commercial customers optical fiber lease services both within the City limits and to adjacent cities. Glendale Water & Power owns and operates approximately 98 miles of dark fiber network within Glendale. Commercial customers now have an option for a secure, dependable and inexpensive communication system they can access. For more information on fiber leasing services please contact Michele Pashayi at 818-550-4722 or by email at


Recent Activity:

Glendale Fiber Optic Solutions connects Glendale libraries and Fire Stations. Through GWP’s Glendale Fiber Optic Solutions program local libraries and Fire stations will have a more reliable and secure communications system. We recently strung over 17 miles of dark fiber in order to add additional capacity and coverage through the entire Glendale fiber optic system.  

Fiber Network Map