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Emergency Regulation to Increase Water Conservation 

In response to an on-going severe drought, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) approved an emergency regulation on 7/15/14 to ensure that all water agencies and their customers increase water conservation.  The regulation is intended to curtail outdoor water use since most Californians use more than 50% of water for outdoor use. The SWRCB mandated utilities to implement minimum conservation requirements to stop water usage that causes excess runoff.  

The City, for the past several years has encouraged voluntary conservation by keeping Phase I of the Water Conservation Ordinance that has similar limitations in preventing wasteful use of water.  But, due to the drought conditions, much more conservation is needed to replenish diminishing water supplies.  As a result of the new state-wide regulation, Glendale Water & Power will be asking our City Council to consider adopting an ordinance to implement Phase 2 of our Mandatory Water Conservation ordinance which requires residents to water three days a week, shifting us from voluntary to mandatory. We appreciate the efforts that our residents have made to conserve water, and continue to encourage our residents to be diligent in their water usage.  For water conservation tips and information click here. To anonymously report water waste click here.

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Proposed New Water Rates

Glendale Water & Power’s request to issue a Proposition 218 notice to increase water rates was approved by City Council on May 13, 2014. Glendale Water & Power mailed out the Prop. 218 notice to all customers at the end of May which proposes a revenue increase of 5%, 4%, 4%, 4% for the next four years. For more information on the proposed rates click here

GWP held a series of interactive public meetings in order to provide more detailed information regarding the proposed water rate adjustments. If you missed any of the meetings click here to watch GWP's Proposed Water Revenue Plan Community Meeting held on June 5, 2014. You can also ask a water rate related questions by e-mailing 

Water Conservation Information and State of CA Drought

Governor Jerry Brown Calls for Redoubling of Conservation Efforts Statewide

We are encouraging all customers to conserve as much water as possible. Learn more about the water shortage and what you can do to save water. Click here.