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Mylar balloons, while festive, are dangerous and the cause of several power outages in Glendale each year. That’s because the balloons are conductive and when released into the sky can get caught in high voltage power lines.  The metallic coating is a conductor for electricity and when entangled in power lines, causes short-circuits, resulting in outages and damages to equipment jeopardizing the public’s safety, loss of revenues for businesses and major inconvenience to residential customers. We urge customers to stay safe during Mother's Day celebrations and upcoming graduation ceremonies by following these mylar balloon safety tips



Notice is hereby given that the Glendale City Council, during its City Council meeting on TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 2016 at 6:00 PM, at 613 E. Broadway Street, 2nd Floor, Glendale, CA 91206, will hold a public hearing regarding the 2015 URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN.

The City of Glendale has prepared a draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) for the Glendale water service area in accordance with the Urban Water Management Planning Act (UWMP Act). The UWMP Act mandates each urban water purveyor serving more than 3,000 connections or 3,000 acre-feet annually to prepare and submit to the State Department of Water Resources (DWR) an UWMP every five years for years ending with a "5" or a "0". The UWMP includes description of the water supply sources, historical and projected water supply and water demand, comparison of water supply to water demands during normal, single dry water year and multiple dry water years, conservation activities implemented over the past five years, and discussion about urban water shortage contingency plan. The UWMP also addresses water use efficiency legislation, including the City's 2020 water use targets, as required by the Water Conservation Act SBX7-7.

Water customers of the City of Glendale Water & Power are encouraged to review the proposed UWMP and present comments at the public hearing. The UWMP Act requires that the UWMP be adopted by July 1, 2016.

A copy of the Draft 2015 UWMP can be found here. It is also available for review at the GWP Administration Office – 141 N. Glendale Avenue, 4th Floor; the Glendale Central Library – 222 E. Harvard Street; and the Glendale City Clerk Office – 613 E. Broadway, 1st Floor.  If you have questions, please contact Raja Takidin at

Utility Fraud Calls Are Still Very Common

Utility fraud calls and visits can be convincing. Don’t fall victim to these types of scams. Know GWP’s procedures. If you have a suspicion always call GWP to verify (818) 548-3300. Your safety and security is our priority. Click here for more information on how to educate family and employees to not be pressured to pay even with threats that water and power services will be shut off.


Creating Strategic Partnerships to Transition GWP to the Utility of Tomorrow

View our video that covers the tools that are available to our customers through our utility modernization efforts. 



Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility – Meeting High Energy Demand in Summer Months

The Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility located in Porter Ranch is a critical fuel supply repository and resource owned and operated by the Southern California Gas Company.  The facility is a significant source for acquiring natural gas that is used by and critical to many utilities to power their electrical generators and thus produce electricity for the greater Los Angeles basin. The supply is needed to reliably meet high energy demand in the summer months. Aliso Canyon is the only gas storage facility that can immediately respond to potentially rapid changes in gas supply demand for the 17 gas-fired generating plants operating within the greater Los Angeles area. Due to the natural gas leak that was discovered in October of 2015, the remedial work to fix the leak and subsequent safety testing, the gas storage units have ceased operation and the facility is no longer taking on new gas injections/storage with supplies drawn down to just 15 billion cubic feet of gas. This situation is expected to last through the summer and beyond as all 114 wells at the site must be inspected and documented as a first step in determining the future use of this facility. 

As such Glendale Water & Power along with the other area utilities is expecting to encounter gas shortages during the peak summer months creating a possible challenge in providing our customers with reliable electricity this summer.  In light of the fact that electrical utilities are considered to be “non-core” customers by SoCalGas these utilities will be the first to face a reduction in gas deliveries due to higher demand and limited gas resources.  As mentioned this isn’t just a GWP issue–it is a Southern California issue. The unavailability of this gas supply may cause electrical service interruptions to our customers and other power customers in the Southern California. GWP has a strong record of providing reliable power and will do everything possible to reduce and avoid service interruptions. The power system is designed with generation and transmission redundancy, allowing us to avoid electric service interruptions due to an energy shortage or system equipment failure, except under the most extreme conditions. Even during the energy crisis in the early 2000s, GWP secured enough energy to meet customer needs. With that being said, it is pertinent in this gas shortage situation to be on alert, and when the need comes to conserve in order to avoid possible outages.

For more information on the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility, please click here. To access the Action Plan, please click here.  Aliso Canyon News Release.


Glendale is in Phase III of Mandatory Water Conservation



California is in its 4th year of exceptional drought. Glendale is now in Phase III of its Mandatory Water Conservation Ordinance. Customers can only water landscapes on Tuesdays and Saturdays for no more than 10 minutes at each watering station.

We appreciate all that our residents have done to conserve water, and we urge you to keep conserving.

Quality Assurance Program

Glendale Water & Power field crews will be checking electric and water meters as part of our quality assurance program. Crews will be wearing GWP uniforms, with quality control vests, they will be carrying easily identifiable and proper GWP identification and driving GWP trucks. 

Download GWP's First Mobile App!

The free mobile app, called GWP – Mobile My Connect is an interactive app to help customers better manage their energy and water use on their SmartPhone, tablet or computer. Download the app today to view and pay your bills, see near real time water and electric usage, set budget goals, submit services requests, report outages and send messages to GWP and access solar panel and electric vehicle information. Thr app is available through the Google Play and the Apple Store. For more information, to download and see the user guide click here. To learn more about GWP's New Mobile App called Mobile My Connect. Watch our video below.