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Glendale Filming & Special Events Office
633 E. Broadway, Suite 201
Glendale, CA 91206

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The City of Glendale Film Office coordinates all on-locations production companies wishing to film motion pictures, television productions, commercials, college -students and non  profit organizations within the City limits. A film permit is required for all filming on public or private property.



General Application 

Before filming in Glendale, individuals must apply for a filming permit with the Management Services Office. Please contact Judy Herwig at 818-550-4376 or by email at for information or to submit a filming application. Also required is detailed information regarding the proposed filming. It is recommended that permit applications be submitted at least three business days prior to the filming. The Film Office is open Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Fridays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and closed on weekends and holidays. 

When applying for a filming permit, a plot plan (Google Maps or diagram of choice) of the area where the filming will take place must accompany the application. The plan must be on 8 ½” by 11” paper and shall show the location of all roadways, requested “no parking,” bus zones, structures and access points in the area of filming and how equipment location, vehicles and filming activities will relate to the area.  

If you have questions regarding filming and unable to reach Judy Herwig, please contact Sherri Servillo at Glendale Police Department at 818-548-6452.

Application for Filming Permit

Filming Brochure

Parks Application

If the filming permit requires use of Glendale City parks or facilities, an additional application must be filed with the Community Services and Parks Department. Please contact Aylin Isayan at 818-548-3813, or email at for information and park availability.

Parks Filming Application

Parks Filming Brochure.

Application Fees

 A $325.00 application fee is required. If the applicant is a charitable non-profit organization, a low budget (Glendale business or resident requirement, and must meet criteria), or a student working on a class project, the fee is reduced to $152. If City property will be used, an additional fee of $404.00 per day is charged. In addition, if any changes are made to the application during processing, the application must complete an Application Revision Form and pay a $101.00 application revision fee. Please see itemized list for fees.

Permit Fees

Review Process

The Glendale Fire and Police departments will both review the application and determine if Fire and/or Police personnel should be assigned on-site for safety purposes. Review fees will be charged by both Fire and Police departments. If it is determined that public safety services are necessary, the applicant must pay an hourly fee for the personnel. If any other City personnel is required, or requested, respective hourly fees will be charged. There is a minimum of four (4) hours for each City employee assigned. If cancelled less than 24 hours, the minimum of four (4) hours also apply. The Fire department may determine that no standby Fire personnel are required, but that an inspection will be sufficient. 


 Before a permit can be issued, applicants must submit an insurance certificate ($1,000,000 Each Occurrence and $2,000,000 General Aggregate minimum coverage) naming the City as “Additional Insured” and specifying that insurance as “primary.” In addition, the certificate must have an additional insured endorsement or binder, or an amendment to the insurance policy (duly executed by the insurance company itself) authorizing the agent to modify the certificate to comply with requirements. Additional coverage may be required if deemed necessary. Please see the link below for appropriate wording required on the certificate.

Sample Certificate and Special Endorsement

Permission to use Private Property

 If filming occurs at a private location, the applicant must provide a completed Permission to Use Private Property Form that has been signed by the location’s owner or lessee.

Permission to use Private Property Form

Neighborhood Signature and Notification

The Filming Permit Neighbor Verification Form must be signed by all residents and businesses within 300 feet of the proposed filming site, and all residents and businesses whose property is in fronted by the requested parking. Residents will be asked to indicate on the form whether or not they object to the filming. This information will be used by the City in evaluating the potential inconvenience to the neighborhood when reviewing the application. The applicant will also be required to complete a Filming Permit Neighbor Notification Form and provide a copy to each applicable resident. This form provides information on who should be contacted if any problems arise associated with the filming.

Neighbor Verification Form 

Neighbor Notification Form



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