Glendale's Economic Development Goals

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The economic vibrancy of Glendale is rooted in our determination to be business-friendly through economic development programming. Every department in the City supports the business community. Fire, Police, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, Public Works and the various Management Departments all have economic development priorities included into their performance goals.

Our business friendly efforts are long term, cross discipline and sustained efforts that last for years. From the first introduction to that business to the continued communication after the business is up and running, in Glendale we believe that every department and every employee is in the economic development business.

To achieve these goals we have developed the following program to further expand business opportunities, increase employment and foster economic prosperity for businesses and residents alike:

*Business Attraction: Attract business and investment to locate in Glendale. Primary focus will be placed on attracting nightlife tenants that will contribute to an 18-hour downtown; breweries in Glendale’s Creative Corridor; technology based companies; and tenants which enhance our neighborhood districts.

*Marketing/Promotion: Marketing and promotion to both the business community looking to relocate or expand and the resident/visitor who has choices of where to spend their entertainment dollar is an area of focus.

*Business Services: Provide assistance to businesses currently located in Glendale including developing business-to-business opportunities and partnerships; concierge service when dealing with City Hall processes; liaison to business groups such as the Chambers of Commerce, Neighborhood Business Districts, and educational organizations operating business programs; and participation in regional economic development organizations.

*Asset Management: Actively employ ways to provide additional value of City assets through proactive, profitability-focused asset management practices.

*Workforce Development: Provide opportunities to enhance programming in both the development of technical skills to put local residents to work, as well as the promotion of Glendale’s amenities as a means to attract new business with employment prospects and increased economic activity.

*Market Information: Provide data and information to stakeholders seeking to understand the potential for investment in Glendale.  Primary activity would be continued publishing of economic indicators quarterly report, pro forma financial analyses, trade area data and related real estate information and other reports as needed.


To find out more, contact the Economic Development Division at (818) 548-3155.