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   Darlene Sanchez
   Deputy Director, Economic Development

   Telephone: 818-548-2005
   633 E. Broadway, Suite 201
   Glendale, CA 91206




The Glendale Economic Development Team, in addition to members of the Glendale City Council will be attending ICSC Recon 2017. If you would like to set up a meeting, please call 818-548-2005 or email

Reasons Glendale will be attending ICSC:

1. Attract businesses which contribute to our 18-hour downtown (French restaurants, food halls, craft beer, arts & entertainment).
2. Attract an appropriate use for the MGN 5 Star Theater (theater, live entertainment, conference center) in line with our Arts & Entertainment District.
3. Locate investors and interested parties for Space 134.
4. Collect our MAXI award for Meet Me on Brand!
5. Elevate Glendale’s brand, initiate new and reinforce current relationships, and remain current in the minds of top retailers, developers, and investors

Glendale has created an environment where BUSINESS can develop and prosper.


If you are a new Business or existing Business in Glendale, reacquaint yourself with the advantages of locating or expanding your business in a dynamic City.


Since incorporating in 1906, Glendale has grown from a small community into an animated, cosmopolitan city, rich in history, cultural diversity, and limitless lifestyle opportunities. Glendale offers a unique downtown area that features art and entertainment, shopping, dining, hotels, multi-national and entertainment companies, and the legendary Alex Theatre. 

The City of Glendale has long been one of the most desirable locations to live, work or visit. Our community has been chosen as one of the nation’s safest cities of its size, while maintaining vibrant growth in residential and key business sectors.  

With housing ranging from luxury hillside homes to affordable housing multi-family complexes, Glendale boasts a wide range of great places to live. Several new luxury multi-unit housing developments in and around the downtown are positioned to deliver an affluent, youthful population to take advantage of the growing list of lifestyle amenities in Glendale.



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