Glendale Fire Department 

Mission: The mission of the Glendale Fire Department is to protect life and property by providing the highest level of service to the community.

Values: Excellence in service, integrity, approachability, respect, communication and professionalism


The Glendale Fire Department slogan, “Community First,” exemplifies the department’s commitment to serving the community and dedication to their profession. Interim Fire Chief Greg Fish was has been leading the Glendale Fire Department since March 30, 2015.


Beat the Heat, Visit a Glendale Cooling Center

Visit the Adult Recreation Center and Sparr Heights Community Center in the City of Glendale to get out of the heat and cool off.

Fire Prevention and Company Inspection Program

The Glendale Fire Department conducts periodic inspections of most building throughout the city to ensure the safety of Glendale residents. Most of these inspections are conducted by engine and truck company firefighters. The cost of these inspections is $32.00 per half-hour, and an invoice is issued after the completion of the inspection. The Glendale Fire Department has contracted with a billing service who recently sent out inspection invoices. Click here to learn more about the inspection program and the billing process. 

There are 3 options to pay an inspection invoice:

1. Mail in a payment

The billing service mailing address is Glendale Fire Department, P.O.Box 1932, Glendale, CA 91209. Please make checks payable to City of Glendale and include your GFD inspection number on your check. 

2. Online payment

Click here and you will be directed to the billing company's online payment system to make your payment. 

 3. Phone payment: 

Please call 818-538-5644 to make a payment over the phone. 





GFD Engineer Ara Hoonanian



GFD Engineer Gabe Vaca


GFD Firefighter Paramedic Kevin Ku

Fire Prevention Annual Certified Unified Permit Information

The Glendale Fire Department permits and regulates businesses who generate, store and/or treat hazardous materials and industrial waste. The cost of these permits varies depending on the type of business, and the type/quantity of hazardous/industrial materials on site/processed. The Glendale Fire Department recently sent out inspection invoices to businesses within the community.  Click here to learn more about the inspection program, the fee schedule and the billing process.

There are 3 options to pay an inspection invoice:

1. Mail in a payment: The mailing address for the CUPA inspections is City of Glendale, P.O. Box 51462, Los Angeles, CA 90051. Please make checks payable to City of Glendale and include your GFD inspection number on your check.

2. In-person payment: You can make a payment in person Monday - Thursday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at 141 N. Glendale Ave., Level 2, Glendale, CA 91206.

3. 7-Eleven payment: You can make a cash only payment at local 7-Eleven convenience stores for an additional fee of $2.99.


GFD Services: Watch the More than 9-1-1 video below to learn about all of the services provided by the Glendale Fire Department.