Taxicabs & Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vehicles

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 Who needs a Taxicab or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vehicle License/Permit? 

All persons owning, operating, or driving any automobile for hire, dial-a-ride vehicle, jitney, non-emergency medical vehicle or taxicab must first obtain an owner's permit, driver's permit, or a vehicle license. For more information and details about the exact requirements, please review Chapter 5.84 of the Glendale Municipal Code.

Are there any exceptions to needing a Taxicab or Non-Emergency Medical Vehicle License/Permit?

Yes, there are three exceptions which do not require a License or Permit. These include any operations for which a certificate has been granted by the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California, any vehicle which transports a passenger from outside the city to a destination within the city, and any vehicle which transports a passenger through the city while en route to a destination outside the city.

When is the Application Acceptance Period for an Owner's Permit?

Applications for Owner's Permits are accepted only between July 1st and August 1st of each year. Once the application period closes, no further applications shall be accepted until the following year.

Is a public hearing required for my Permit or License?

Yes, Owner's Permit applications require a public hearing. Findings must be approved by the Transportation and Parking Commission and vehicles certified by the City Clerk before issuance of a permit.

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Is a vehicle inspection required for my Permit or License?

Yes, at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the vehicle license, all vehicles are required to successfully complete an annual safety and compliance inspection and certification by the Community Development Department. In addition to the annual safety and compliance inspection, each taxicab must pass an inspection by an outside city-approved mechanic, by the end of six months after the Community Development Department's annual safety and compliance inspection.

What is required of drivers for a Driver's Permit Application?

Drivers must submit an application for a Driver's Permit to the Community Development Office. They must also provide a driving record from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Taxicab drivers must annually test negative for alcohol and controlled substances. Non-emergency medical drivers must submit verified copies of current CPR and Firs-Aid Certificates. Upon initial application and every three years thereafter, drivers must be fingerprinted and cleared by the State of California Department of Justice.

What are a few of the more important regulations I should be aware of?

Items to be displayed: Every vehicle must display in plain view in the rear passenger compartment the rates of fare, owner's name, business address, telephone, and the license number issued by the Community Development Department. Additionally, a "Notice to Passengers" sign must be displayed in the rear passenger compartment, it must state:

                                                                     Notice to Passengers

This vehicle is regulated for your health, safety, and convenience. The regulations require:
  1. This vehicle be kept neat, clean and sanitary.
  2. The driver shall be courteous and neat and clean in appearance.
  3. Smoking by the driver or passengers is prohibited.

If you have any reason to believe that this vehicle has not been operated in compliance with these requirements or that the service provided has been unsatisfactory, please call the City of Glendale at (818) 937-8300 between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Taximeters: All taximeters shall be placed so that the amount to be charged shall be well lighted and readily seen by the passenger.

Fare Receipt: No driver shall refuse to give a receipt upon the request of any passenger.

Service: All persons engaged in the taxicab business in the city shall render an overall service to the public. The owner who fails or refuses to give service without reasonable cause shall be deemed in violation and his owner's permit shall be subject to revocation procedures.

Passenger Compartment Exclusive: For taxicabs and automobiles for hire, passengers shall have the exclusive right to the full use of the passenger compartment and no driver shall solicit or carry additional passengers.

Direct Route Taken: Drivers are required to carry passengers to a definite point in the most direct route possible; except in the case of dial-a-ride vehicles where the driver shall proceed as expeditiously as possible in the general direction of all the passengers.

Air Conditioning: All vehicles shall be equipped with an air conditioning unit which is in good working condition at all times.

Disabled Access: All vehicles for hire operations shall have disabled accessible vehicles as required by federal law.

Vehicle Age: Taxicabs or automobiles for hire must not exceed eight (8) years of age. Non Emergency medical transportation vehicles must not exceed fifteen (15) years of age.

Vehicle Identification: Licensed taxicabs shall be identified by two decals placed in the center of the taxicab identification (diamond-shaped) decals affixed to the upper front portion of the right and left front doors respectively. Licensed non-emergency medical transportation vehicles shall be identified by a decal affixed to the left rear bumper of the vehicle.

Is there a fee for a Taxicab, Non-Emergency Medical Vehicle, Driver's, or Owner's Permit/License?

Yes, there is a fee associated with each of these licenses or permits. An outline of the fees are listed below however the most up to date fees can be found in the current Citywide Fee Schedule for 2014-2015.

Unit Fee
Owner's Permit Per Application $710.28
Driver's Permit Annual Renewal $174.02
Vehicle Inspection Per Vehicle $177.57
Vehicle License Per Vehicle $81.68

What application materials do I need to submit for a Taxicab, Non-Emergency Medical Vehicle, Driver's, or Owner's Permit/License?

Each applicant must submit a completed Master Application as well as the corresponding supplement depending on which license or permit you are applying for; all of these documents can be accessed by clicking the links below. For additional information regarding the Driver's Permit application procedures, you may find the handout below helpful.

Master Application Form
Owner's Permit Application
Driver's Supplement
Driver's Permit Requirements Handout
Annual Vehicle Inspection Form