Business Registration Certificate

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The City of Glendale has hired HdL Companies (HdL) to process Business Registration Certificates (BRC)  and renewals. Effective July 5, 2016, all BRC applications should be submitted to HdL directly; City staff will no longer be accepting applications in person at the Permit Services Center. This change is intended to expedite the process of new and renewal BRC applications.

To submit an application, please visit and click on the red “Start Now” button on the right of the screen.

NOTE: If you’ve mailed an application to the City during this transition period, City staff will forward your application materials to HdL to begin processing.

For any questions, please contact HdL at (818) 551-4681 or 



During the month of March 2016, HdL began mailing out the first renewal notices to businesses with physical locations in Glendale. To ensure that the business community of Glendale is provided the highest level of customer service, HdL has established a dedicated website and phone number to assist those who receive BRC renewal notices; or (818) 551-4681. Should you receive a renewal notice from HdL, please work directly with them to ensure a streamlined processing of your BRC.

If you currently have a BRC which is expired or about to expire, there's no need to do anything just yet. HdL and the City are working together very closely to ensure that renewal notices are sent out in an organized manner and each business receives the attention it deserves. As long as the BRC/ZUC/U&O you currently have is valid (i.e. nothing on the certificate has changed such as the business name, ownership, business activity, square footage, etc.) then you won't be penalized for having an expired certificate. HdL will send you a notice when it's time for your business to renew its BRC, until then, it's just business as usual. 

If you are interested in applying for a BRC for the first time, please visit HdL's online application process at



  • Every business with a physical location in Glendale, including subleases are required to maintain a valid BRC.
  • To apply, you will need to provide the following:
    • Completed application with HdL (
    • A copy of the lease (if applicable) showing the property address, individual leasing the space, and the square footage
    • If subleasing, a letter from the property owner stating that he/she is aware that a sublease is taking place. The letter should also include the square footage that is being subleased. 
  • The current fee for first time applicants is $262.42; renewals for the following year are $56.48.

What is a BRC?
A Business Registration Certificate or BRC is a certificate which allows the City to ensure that businesses are operating according to the rules of the Glendale Municipal Code. This annually-renewed certificate will allow the City to have a better understanding of the business activity taking place in Glendale, allowing the City to better serve the needs of the business community. The BRC is not a business license or a business tax; the City of Glendale does not have a business license or business tax. 

What are the changes that affect businesses?
To operate a business in Glendale, you are required to obtain a BRC regardless of any other licenses or certificates you may have previously obtained. The most significant change as part of the BRC compared to a ZUC or U&O is that the new BRC will need to be renewed on an annual basis to continue operating your business in Glendale.

Do you have a current ZUC or U&O?
If you have a current ZUC or U&O issued by the City for your business in Glendale, you are still required to obtain a BRC to replace these previous certificates; however, a grace period is currently in effect for businesses operating under a valid ZUC of U&O. If you have either, we ask that you bring these certificates or other supporting documentation with you when applying for your BRC. Bringing this documentation with you will greatly expedite the process to issue your new BRC.

When do you need a new BRC?
In addition to renewing your BRC on an annual basis, certain events will require you to obtain a new BRC even if your expiration date has not been reached. If you change your businesses activities, square footage, business name, ownership or other such details, you must apply for a new BRC. Once anything listed on your BRC is not current, your BRC is no longer valid and you may be cited for operating without a valid BRC.

Is there a fee for the BRC?
There is fee to cover the cost of issuing the BRC and maintaining an accurate database of businesses within Glendale; this fee for new businesses and first time registrants is $262.42, renewals for the following year are $56.48. Contact the Planning and Neighborhood Services Division at (818) 937-8300 to find out more information about the most current fees.

What should you do next?
The City has established a grace period for businesses that currently have a valid ZUC or U&O; this grace. However, if you are a new business in Glendale or a business already established and operating without a valid ZUC or U&O, you are required to obtain a BRC effective February 10, 2014.

In preparation for the time to apply for your new BRC, we recommend you gather the appropriate documents necessary including a copy of your current leasing plan/floor plan, your valid ZUC or U&O (if you have one), and the completed Licensing Master Application. Once you have all these items in hand, give us a call at (818) 937-8300 and we’ll tell you if you can simply mail in the application materials with your payment, or if you must visit us in person.

What happens if you don’t get a BRC?
Because it’s the law in Glendale for every business to have a valid BRC, operating without one could result in fines. The City wants to provide every opportunity to help all the businesses in Glendale comply with this new law as easily as possible. If you’re not sure whether you need a BRC or not, please give us a call at (818) 937-8300 so we can help you.

Who does NOT need a BRC?
Business operations without a fixed location in Glendale such as a Realtor with an office in Los Angeles selling a house in Glendale, or a towing company with offices in Burbank towing a car in Glendale are not required to obtain a BRC.

Individuals conducting a business from the confines of their home are also not required to obtain a BRC; however, they do require a Home Occupation Permit to be issued before work may commence.

A note about subleases or multiple tenants:
If you are subleasing any part of your business’s space to another business/person, please pass this information along to your sub-lessee. The primary lease holder has a responsibility to ensure sub-lessees are operating within the limits of the law and we want to make sure all businesses are treated equitably throughout Glendale.

Business visitors and patrons:
Businesses are required to have their BRC posted in a visible location for all to see. If you do not see a BRC posted in a business or suspect they are operating illegally within Glendale, please give our Code Compliance staff a call at (818) 548-3700. Our staff will follow up with the business and work with them to ensure they are complying with the laws in Glendale as they are required.

Who to contact for more information?
We’re here to make the implementation and transition to a BRC as simple and worry free as possible for the businesses of Glendale. If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or visit us in person; please keep in mind our public counter is open between 7:00am and 12:00pm Monday through Friday.