Every business with a physical location in Glendale, including subleases, is required to apply for and maintain a valid Business Registration Certificate (BRC). BRCs must be renewed annually.

Here's how to  apply for a BRC:

  • File an online application with the City's application processing contractor HdL Companies at: glendale.hdlgov.com
    • When filing your online application you must submit the following documentation:
      • A copy of the lease (if applicable) showing the property address, individual leasing the space, and the square footage
      • If subleasing, a letter from the property owner stating that he/she is aware that a sublease is in effect. The letter should also include the square footage that is being subleased. 
  • Pay the current BRC fee:
    • First time applicants: $262.42;
    • Annual Renewals: $56.48.

For more information about BRCs, please contact HdL at (818) 551-4681, via email support@hdlgov.com or browse through our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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