Join the Building & Safety Division during the month of May to learn about a number of important issues pertaining to what it takes to create and maintain safe and sustainable structures. Each week will focus on a special topic and each week we will post links to a variety of relevant educational videos.  

Week 1: Building Solutions for All Ages

Design Tips for Baby Boomers (flyer)
Home Fire Safety Tips for Older Adults (flyer)

Week 2: The Science Behind Codes
Week 3: Learn From the Past, Build for Tomorrow
Week 4: Building Codes, A Smart Investment

10 Important Tips for Fire Safety & Awareness
10 Important Tips for Disaster Safety & Mitigation
10 Important Tips for Backyard & Pool Safety
10 Important Tips for Green & Sustainable Building
Building Green - Living Better
Emergency Supply Checklist
Mold Prevention Tips
Safety First - Disaster Preparedness

We are happy to help you learn more about these important topics. Contact the Permit Services Center at (818) 548-3200 for more information. Also, please visit the International Code Council Website for additional resources and to learn more about Building Safety Month.