Power Content Label


Glendale Water & Power is required to print the Power Content Label below showing Glendale's current renewable resources that represent a mixture of wind, solar, geothermal, hydro-electric and landfill gas. The resources mix is required to be shown in kilowatt-hours as a percentage of RETAIL SALES. 


 Power Content Label Annual 2014

 Energy Resources

 2014 Power Mix

 2014 CA Power Mix

 Eligible Renewable
 45%  20%
 - Biomass & waste
 15%  3%
 - Geothermal
 4%  4%
 - Small hydroelectric
 3%  1%
 - Solar
 <1%  4%
 - Wind
 24%  8%
 10%  6%
 Large Hydroelectric
 6%  6%
 Natural Gas
 31%  45%
 Nuclear  8%  9%
 Other  0%  0%
 Unspecified sources of power
 0%  14%
 TOTAL  100%  100%

 * "Unspecified sources of power" means electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.

** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on the
electricity sold to California consumers during the previous year.

*** Glendale uses the lowest cost resources and renewables to provide for retail sales. The difference between Retail Sales and total Purchases is deducted from the Natural Gas and Unspecified Power categories. The percentage of Renewables will differ from the RPS Compliance for 2014 due to the specific regulations. In addition to the Renewable Energy kWh purchased for retail sales, Glendale purchased 901 unbundled TRECs for compliance with the RPS POU requirement.

**** All percentages are rounded.


For specific information about this electricity product***, contact the City Of Glendale at 818-548-3300

For general information about the Power Content Label, contact the California Energy Commission at 1-844-217-4925 or visit http://www.energy.ca.gov/sb1305/