Demand Response

Demand Reponse


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Demand Response (DR) involves the temporary reduction or shift of electrical usage by a business or institution for a limited amount of time when the reliability of the grid is in jeopardy or wholesale energy prices are high. Customers participating in a DR program become on-call assets and earn revenues simply for offering their unused capacity as a resource to their utility.     

Electric Grid Demand Curve

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) is pleased to offer you two DR programs that allow you to earn revenues:

Self-Scheduled Program:
This is a voluntary and economic-based DR program that pays participating customers a utility-established, market-based rate for curtailing electric usage. Each customer decides what kW amount they can shed (i.e. drop their usage), indicates a trigger price at which they will participate, determines days/hours that they are available to participate. Customers are paid the offered energy rate when GWP asks them to participate and they respond accordingly.

“Day-of” Performance Program:
This is a firm demand DR program where the customer commits, in advance, to being available to curtail a pre-determined KW amount when GWP needs to reduce demand on the grid. The customer is obligated to reduce its committed kW amount whenever GWP triggers a call event. This program pays the customer a “reservation fee”, an amount of money per kW-month, for the customer to be part of the program. Unlike the self schedule program, the customer receives payment in this “Day-of” program whether they are asked to reduce by GWP or not but because they are an integral part of the reliability of the system. Customers in this program will also receive an additional bonus if they exceed their pre-determined committed kW drop and will be penalized if they curtail less than their predetermined committed kW drop.   

  "Self-Schedule" Program "Day-Of" Program
Program Definition Economic based DR program that pays the customer for kW dropped on a scheduled day ahead basis. The customer may define an economic bid (i.e. “trigger” or price to call) or take the GWP price signal. GWP price will be published two day ahead. A commitment-based DR program where the customer earns a monthly reservation fee for having a month long commitment in kW available to drop. This reservation fee will be paid regardless of whether the DR is called or not. Additional value will be given to the customer if they meet or exceed drop offered BUT a penalty will be levied if they fail performance.
Notification Time 1 days in advance 30 minutes
Duration of “Event” 60 minute blocks, flexible, 6 A.M.-10 P.M. 60 minutes maximum, 9 A.M.-7 P.M.
Frequency of Bidding Unlimited Monthly
Frequency of Calls Scheduled by customer Maximum 1 per day, 3 times/month (Monday through Friday)
Performance Measurement Optional Load Drop (OLD) 60 minutes average consumption prior to notification (minute by minute)
Frequency of Revenue Payments Revenue earned only when customer drops scheduled load Revenue paid monthly for being a DR resource. During months that include a call event, customer revenue based on performance compared to nominated kW.
(Over Performance)
Paid up to 115% of schedule Paid up to 115% of guaranteed kWs
(Under Performance)
110% of value of underperformed schedule 200% of value of underperformed value

To receive more information on GWP's Demand Response Programs, receive an initial DR feasibility assessment and estimate revenue projections, contact GWP's Business Account Representative, Shant Boodanian (818) 548-2747 or Aneta Badalian (818) 548-3874.

This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice and is provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available.