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Direct Line: (818) 548-3155

The City of Glendale understands the important relationship between the health of the business community and the maintenance of a high quality of life for its residents. For this reason, Glendale is committed to promoting and assisting in the success of our businesses. To achieve this goal, the City has developed a plan to promote, assist, retain and attract quality business in Glendale. Our programs assist businesses both large and small:
  • Competitive Cost of Doing Business: Glendale has developed a competitive cost of doing business structure that makes it financially beneficial to do business in the City (i.e., no business license fee or long distance phone tax).

  • Business Assistance: Glendale's Economic Development staff proactively visits businesses to learn of issues that might present obstacles to their operations. Glendale has staff devoted to helping businesses solve problems whether it might be permitting, inspection, legislative/policy or simply needing basic direction.

  • Permit Service Center: One-stop center for information and assistance with most city permits. Staff acts as an advocate to help business negotiate often time complex City processes.

  • One Stop Career Center: This center provides a statewide network for listing job openings and identifying qualified job seekers, job placement/recruitment, screening by professional staff and workforce preparation & customized training programs.

  • Site Search: Economic Development staff assists businesses interested in locating in Glendale with site search and selection.

  • Information/Demographics: Glendale offers information and basic demographics on City services, programs and the community to prospective and established businesses.

  • Utility Consultation: Free technical assistance, training and information on utility cost reductions, energy management, and conservation programs. Glendale Water and Power, owned by the City, assures customers of available power and stable utility rates that are insulated from the fluctuations of today's market.

Business Resource Center

Free Services Glendale has many free programs for businesses to help their productivity and profitability. We know that employee retention, finding qualified job candidates, and having a skilled workforce are top priorities for local businesses. Following are some of the assistance programs that may address those issues:
  • Job training programs that may increase the skills of your workers.

  • Tax credits that may subsidize your costs.

  • Labor market research data that can help you set wages, analyze personnel costs, and examine qualifications and job descriptions of various occupations.

  • Screening and referral by a professional staff of potential job candidates for your job openings.

  • A statewide job matching network for listing job openings and identifying a large pool of qualified job seekers for your consideration.

  • Interview facilities to meet potential job candidates.

  • A special fidelity bonding program.

  • Assistance with layoff situation, including free assistance to your affected workers to help them access unemployment benefits.