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Heart of Gold (Third Saturday Wilderness Workday)

March 2017 Wilderness WorkdayHeart of Gold

(Third Saturday Wilderness Workday)

Heart of Gold: to be generous, sincere, and friendly; to be extremely kind and helpful

This phrase defines our Wilderness Workday Volunteers. They have come out month after month for the past seven years to help with park restoration projects.

Volunteers have been generous with their time and skills to plant trees, remove invasive weeds, water trees, and provide trail maintenance. They have a great attitude and are willing to take on any task. If you posses a “Heart of Gold” and wish to show it...Come join us as we spend the morning working in the Great Outdoors as we water the existing trees and remove the invasive plants. Every-one can help (even those with a “heart made of stone”).

There will be tasks for all ages and abilities. Students needing Community Service Hours are encouraged to attend.

We have work for all ages and abilities.

Individuals, families, groups, and students needing Community Service Hours are invited to join us. 

Snacks and drinks will be provided. Wear sturdy shoes, a hat, and protective clothing. Bring your water bottle, sun screen, and gloves.

This Trails and Open Space program is sponsored by the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation.

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